We operate an in house payroll bureau to save you significant time by outsourcing your payroll. We also offer other related services such as pension advice and CIS processing.


  •  Process payroll
  •  Produce Payslips
  •  Operating in Real time information (RTI)
  •  Process new starters and leavers along with P45’s / P46’S
  •  Calculate SSP/SMP/SPP/SAP
  •  Calculate & record pensions
  •  Calculate & record Student Loans
  •  Calculate & record Attachment of Earnings Orders
  •  Liase with the Inland Revenue and other official bodies on your behalf
  •  Produce P60’s for employees
  •  Producing employer reports on weekly or monthly basis


  •  Verify Subcontractors
  •  Process Subcontractor pay
  •  Provide CIS300
  •  Submit contractor return


 Employment Law Advice

  •  National Minimum Wage rule
  •  Contracts of Employment drawn up